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Mallory S.

I really enjoyed working with Jessica as a coach. She was super dependable, kind, witty, and creative.  She truly listened to my needs and how I learn best. She provided me with worksheets and was available for me to check-in with her during the week. She also helped me personalize a daily routine to build a healthy mind and stay sober. Her healthcare background coaching expertise helped me get to where I am today.


P.S. Jessica is a coach who leads by example. She takes care of her own body, mind, and soul and participates at the SHE RECOVERS Gatherings. Now that is a coach I want to work with! 

Kristina R. 

I reached out to Jessica after trying to quit drinking twice on my own. I wasn't able to make it over 90 days. Having Jessica as a coach was invaluable to me in early sobriety. She is insightful, patient, understanding, and deeply supportive. She helped me develop coping tools that I still use to this day. She was available whenever I needed extra support. I highly recommend Jessica to any woman who feels they could use additional support in their journey. With Jessica' support and guidance, I was able to celebrate over 100 days sober working with her.

Today I am 1 year and 4 months sober!

Cate T. 

Jessica was such a light for me during a time when I was trying to reconnect with myself and uncover the reason for my unhealthy habits. I knew I needed a change and a judgement-free approach and Jessica was just that. Having Jessica as my coach had a significant effect in how I think about myself. She helped me learn how to effectively communicate with others in a healthy way instead of allowing stress and tension to build up to the point of self-sabotage. I am grateful for her kindness, love, and support. She is not only a coach, but a friend and confidant. Thank you girlfriend! 

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